Wednesday, February 17, 2010

great men don't lead in one lifetime

i reflect on more than a man or a dream, i reflect on the need for change in the era of the past,
the current era and the future of society and how we, as a people must understand the true power we hold to mold our current and future society. the power of human kindness, forgiveness and perseverance has been shown in many ways. ways we can master to build a society based on many great leaders past dreams. a man can have a dream achieved, but we must understand we don't just have the same dream we have a greater dream a greater purpose in life. a greater need for inner reflection, a deep look at who we are now, a look into our collective soul and ask what is the dream that must be achieve for our generation. we are an interconnected society, with the willpower and desire for greatness. we might not all be great, but together great achievements and changes can be made. the more we are connected to brothers of other faiths, ethnicities and regional origins, find that a dream has many levels we saw a couple of those levels reached. we not only master those attained but tackled the hurdles that keep us from be a truly united people. not everybody will be a part of the dream, the will to persevere will not be as important if not for non believers or detractors. they can take a life of a man but his dream has moved forward. now more than ever, the forward motion cannot be stalled by those in power when the will of so many people want it to move forward. i will never forget his dream because his is a part of mine, and i hope, i know that our dream will keep his going on to infinity. To Dr. King and his legacy i hope my words will not only keep his dream moving but it will also add to it and create a new dream that we all can achieve in the future. cause dreams of that magnitude can only make us as a people move forward.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


well its not that i don't like my birthday, its just i always had the first birthday of the year and now i feel its like a reminder of not necessarily getting older, but a marker into which i can see my progress in life. As i look at this marker i find that i have NO progress in life, no goal, no desire no real worth in my future. it is sad, but interesting i noticed i do not give myself any real goals, i always preach having goals is important, having something to drive you toward success. me, did i ever really have a drive, did i have a need to feel like i had something to offer the world. the answer is yeah, there was a time, actually its never left its what gets me up during the day. i have to many goals, no one more thought consuming that changing the world. but, everyday i think of making this goal happen, the more it is just a dream. an unatainable dream.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the history within me

history, if people only knew what it means to truly make history. i understand if others claim that history is being made by your actions. but this day in age everybody is making history or there mark on society. the need for recognition in an evergrowing world makes true history makers seem irrelevant. those people's action not only had an immediate effect on the whole world, but changed how the world operated. look at all those we choose to celebrate during black history month. we look at the actions of martin, malcom, Frederick, jackie, paul, and now barack the list goes on. the need to be recognized has poluted the society to a status driven world that will actually reward face value rather than real substance. when it comes to history we have become vain and conceded. not a good look but who am i to say anything. i leave with a though "i rather be a nobody that did something than a somebody for no reason."