Wednesday, February 3, 2010


well its not that i don't like my birthday, its just i always had the first birthday of the year and now i feel its like a reminder of not necessarily getting older, but a marker into which i can see my progress in life. As i look at this marker i find that i have NO progress in life, no goal, no desire no real worth in my future. it is sad, but interesting i noticed i do not give myself any real goals, i always preach having goals is important, having something to drive you toward success. me, did i ever really have a drive, did i have a need to feel like i had something to offer the world. the answer is yeah, there was a time, actually its never left its what gets me up during the day. i have to many goals, no one more thought consuming that changing the world. but, everyday i think of making this goal happen, the more it is just a dream. an unatainable dream.

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