Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the history within me

history, if people only knew what it means to truly make history. i understand if others claim that history is being made by your actions. but this day in age everybody is making history or there mark on society. the need for recognition in an evergrowing world makes true history makers seem irrelevant. those people's action not only had an immediate effect on the whole world, but changed how the world operated. look at all those we choose to celebrate during black history month. we look at the actions of martin, malcom, Frederick, jackie, paul, and now barack the list goes on. the need to be recognized has poluted the society to a status driven world that will actually reward face value rather than real substance. when it comes to history we have become vain and conceded. not a good look but who am i to say anything. i leave with a though "i rather be a nobody that did something than a somebody for no reason."

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